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Torii Hunter Saves the Day

Now that spring training is officially underway, Angels fans are wondering if the dormant Angels front office did enough in the off-season to fill the holes in the lineup. Leave it to Torii Hunter, eternal outfielder optimist to spin me some happy…

Thumbnail image for tyler and steve nash 009.jpgExcerpts from an interview by Bill Plunkett of the Orange County Register:

“In my heart — you know I always tell you the truth – I promise you, right now, this is enough. This team has enough to win a championship,” Angels outfielder Torii Hunter said. “Everyone wants and wants and wants more. You always want more than you have.

If you say so Torii, that’s good enough for me. But without Anderson and Teixiera, will we still have enough offense?


But I’ve seen (Kendry) Morales. This guy can hit. Then a Juan Rivera – I know he struggled a little when he wasn’t getting regular playing time. But when he’s in there every day, he bangs. Now you add a Bobby Abreu with the numbers he puts up – oh yeah, that’s enough. I’m pretty excited.”


Just listen to him..Torii Hunter can make anything sound positive. He probably thinks that it’s a great time to buy stocks and that the economy will bounce back any day now.


“Really, we lost a left-handed bat (Anderson). Now we signed a left-handed bat (Abreu),” Hunter said. “We lost a guy with a high on-base percentage who takes a lot of pitches (Teixeira) and now we got a guy with a high on-base who takes a lot of pitches (Abreu). We also got a guy who’s going to steal 20 bags (also Abreu). That’s just what we needed.


There you have it Angels Fans. Everything is under control and you might as well buy your World Series tickets now. If only it was that easy.. But that’s the best part of baseball anyway, isn’t it? Hope abounds every spring because at this point, anything can happen. Everyone starts over. Even the Royals get a chance to dream….

It’s easy to find lots of analysts who will find weaknesses with the Angels. I admit that their success will hinge on the unseen performance of a few players. Abreu will have to hit, Fuentes will have to fool AL batters and close out games, Kendrick and Napoli will have to stay healthy.


But I prefer to stick with Torii Hunter…don’t worry Angel fans. Be happy.

Check out the complete article at http://www.ocregister.com/articles/angels-abreu-season-2307944-spring-players