It’s Official: The Angels are in Los Angeles

Despite what you, or mapquest, would believe, The Angels play in Los Angeles.

arte moreno.jpgAccording to Eric Carpenter in The Orange County Register, The California Appellate Court officially closed the case brought by the City Of Anaheim against the Angels. The Orange County Superior court found in favor of the team in 2006 and the appeal was upheld in December. The city decided not to spend any more funds to further litigate the case.

“We’re all very disappointed with this,” Mayor Curt Pringle said . “We believe that the wrong decision was made in court twice. … But at this point, we agree that it’s in everybody’s best interest to take no further action.”

So there you have it. The team is officially The Los Angeles Angels, or The Los Angeles Angeles of Anaheim if you prefer the long version. To most fans, this is a ridiculous name.

Anaheim is nowhere near Los Angeles, a different demographic and a different county. Orange Countians pride themselves in being different from LA, so changing our baseball teams name because our own local city wasn’t good enough is a bit hard to take.

On the other hand, I want the best team on the field. If the name change can generate more marketing revenue, than I’m all for it. The success of the change has yet to be definitively proven, so only time will tell if Arte Moreno’s gamble pays off.

For the future of the franchise, I hope he’s right.

After all, I already know where the stadium is.


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