Mr Fantasy…Why I love Grady Sizemore

I know what you’re thinking…this will be another embarrassing love letter blog from a female fan of the hunky, center fielder, Grady Sizemore.

But it’s not. It’s my contention that Grady Sizemore doesn’t get the respect that he deserves. Maybe it’s because he plays for the long suffering Indians.Maybe it’s because he has a group of rabid female fans called “Grady’s Ladies” that wear t-shirts with “Mrs. Sizemore” printed across the front.


  "Mrs. Sizemore" Women's T-Shirt

It’s time for this to stop.  Baseball fans need to take Grady Sizemore seriously. Don’t hate him because he’s beautiful.


Why do I love Grady Sizemore? Because he’s solid, that’s why. He’s a five-tool player that takes his role as franchise player seriously. He hits for power, he’s got speed on the bases, and he’s a monster in the outfield. Sizemore has been a member of the 20/20 Club (home runs/stolen bases) for the past four seasons in a row. Last year, he reached the 30/30 Club, while winning a Gold Glove and a Silver Slugger Award.d.


He’s an amazing athlete in center field, diving for fly balls and never getting hurt. Before he sprained his ankle last April, he had a streak of 382 consecutive games played.  As a fantasy player, Grady Sizemore is golden; a guaranteed point machine



It’s not his fault that all of this talent comes with adorable dimples and a dreamy smile. (I just gave away my age, no one under 40 uses the adjective “dreamy”)

Yes, Grady Sizemore is an awesome player who happens to be easy on the eyes.

Get over it.


This spring, I’m looking forward to heading out to Goodyear Arizona to see Grady in person. I would wear my “Mrs. Sizemore” t-shirt, but I’m afraid that people would think I’m his mother.


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    I for one do appreciate Grady Sizemore’s ASSests!!!!!!!!! Having had the privilege to sit behind him at an Angels/Indians game, he is very underrated. He truly is a great athlete!!!

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