Bargain Basement Bobby



The Angels didn’t wait until the President’s Day Sale to go shopping. This one-year, 5 million dollar deal is just the kind of bargain basement steal that can change the Angels’ luck. In this economy, they say that Thrifty is in. Why spend millions for Mark Texiera at Nieman Marcus when you can get a proven slugger for a fraction of the price at Old Navy?




Bobby Abreu.jpg 

I’m giddy with possibilities…Abreu’s bat hitting second in the line up could set the table nicely for Vladdy and Torii Hunter. Plus, he’s better on the bases than Tex.  And don’t worry about the glut of outfielders. The DH will allow lots of room for shuffling bats and give a certain aging Dominican a break from his outfield duties once and awhile.


I also love the irony that he came from the overspending, Prada buying Yankees who seem to have an endless budget for free agents. Wouldn’t it be deliciously ironic if Abreu provides the same effectiveness as Texiera for a meager 5 million dollar investment?


Money can’t always buy success. Ask the Rays last year. I can’t wait to see if the Angels pulled off the “steal of the century.”








  1. mlbtribefan

    Many times I am convinced that the manager can make a difference. I give the edge to Scioscia over Girardi so when asking if Abreu will be better than Texieria, ask yourself this instead: will Scioscia bring more out of Abreu than Girardi can bring out of Texieria?

    Play ball!


  2. dpinoc

    There is no reason to thing Mike can get more out of Abreu in this Angels lineup and playing 81 games in Anahiem a pitchers park. Unless you mean how he got the “best” out of aging OFs like Finely, Hunter(career lows production wise) GMJ. In actuality the way Mike likes to get guys off their feet, rotate at DH and change the lineup daily its almost a lock Abreu;s production offensively will drop. And he is one of the worst OFs in baseball, while Texeria is a gold glove 1B

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