To Blog or Not to Blog

Why am I doing this? I think that’s an important question for any new undertaking, and this blog is no different. I love to write and, obviously, I love baseball. A blog seems like the logical thing to do. A more important question may be, why should you spend your precious time reading my ramblings about America’s favorite pastime? Let’s tackle that one.


1. Sheer curiosity….what does a 45 year old mother of two know about baseball anyway?  I am a life long baseball fan who never misses an Angels broadcast and follows the Cubs religiously from thousands of miles away. I have been to spring training 6 years in a row and I’ve managed 5 fantasy baseball teams. Don’t judge a book by its cover. I may surprise you.


2. I’m a girl….I believe that the female fan is a silent species. Yes, there a few excellent blogs, like Julia’s Rants or Confessions of a She-Fan, but for the most part, chicks who know sports are a rare breed. It’s time to bring a little more estrogen to the table.

I love baseball for the strategy, the tradition, the pace, and for the guys in tight white pants. I’m not afraid to admit it. It’s part of the game…and for those of you who just rolled your eyes, I’m sure you admire Maria Sherapova solely for her exquisite backhand…


3. Most of all, I love the game. I really can’t think of anything else that fills me with such hope and joy; that consistently demands my attention and never bores me at all. (Don’t tell my husband) Of course, nothing else has broken my heart so thoroughly as baseball either. Throughout its history, through free agency and steroids, it has remained as constant and reliable as the return of the ivy to Wrigley Field each summer. Baseball matters to me and I’d like to share it with you.


So there it is. If you’re still reading this, I thank you. You have lots of excellent choices out there in the blogosphere and I’d like you to keep me on your radar. I’ll try to make you laugh.


Go Halos, Go Cubbies…go baseball.




  1. juliasrants

    Welcome to MLBlogs! I too am a 45 year-old mom of 2 teen-age boys who happens to be a life-long fan of all Boston Sports; especially the Red Sox! There are a lot of women who blog here – look around! I have many of them listed on the link list on my blog. I am a pink-hat wearing female sports fan. Don’t really consider myself a “chick” – too old and really – jeans and sneakers are so much more comfortable. And where I live in the Boston area, female sports fans are loud & proud! Our pink hats even made the “thank you list” from the Red Sox owners. But you get right down to it, I really just a sports fan. A Red Sox fan. That’s really the only label I need. I guess you’ve already visited my blog. Stop by again and leave a comment!


  2. Afternoon Angel

    I have checked out the other women bloggers and I really enjoy’s nice not being the only woman in a sports discussion. And by the way…you’re never too old to be a chick in my opinion. Thanks for checking out my blog…I’ll keep writing. How ironic; due to our loyalties you and I should be mortal enemies!

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